Trivison is board showing three different images by rotating series of prisms. Typically used for advertisements. Rotating prisms gives nice effect to image change that catch people's attention.

This package contains scripts needed to create and run such display. With lots of settings to customize it for your needs.


Simply drag prefab from folder Trivision/Prefabs/ to your scene.

Preview of the trivision board appear immediately. From Unity inspector window you can change several settings of the board as well as choose actual images it is showing.

Another automatically added script "Trivision Runner" allwos you to choose how long each image is displayed and how transition to other images happens.

Typically you do not need to access Trivision board from code. Attached runner script will start running image changes on application start by default.

Full API docs

If needed, there are several method in Trivision class to access the board. Or you can even use method GetPrism() to get access of single prism of board.

Full API documentation

Where to get

Download from Unity Asset Store